British Beerfest Competition, Columbus, OH



Start brewing NOW for the 11th annual SODZ British Beerfest Competition.


February 15th 2014, judging will start @ 9 a.m.


Seventh Son Brewing
1101 N 4th St 
Columbus, OH Columbus, Ohio 43201


The competition is open to all non-commercial, home-produced beers, meads and ciders. Please enter as many categories and as often as you wish. Competition organizers, sponsors, judges, and stewards may enter the competition but will not be permitted to judge or steward any category that they have entries in.


All entries must be pre-registered online by Saturday, February 8, 2014 at 1:00 PM, EST. Registration Site

Please print out the completed entry sheet (or ProMash competition form), fold so your name appears on the front, and attach it to the beer bottles with a rubber band. Include entry fee or receipt from online payment (fold within label if you like). Two bottles per entry are required. Unlabeled bottles from 10 to 24 oz. will be accepted, but please use 12 oz bottles if possible.

Entry Fees

$7 for first entry, $5 per additional entry.  You may send a check with your entry or pay online through PayPal.  More information is available at the registration site.


Contact: Competition Coordinator, Will Shiel
or by phone (585) 281-3999.