Winemaker's Shop Soda

Looking forward to the summer? We are too!

No better time to get some refreshing Winemaker's Shop Soda than when the weather is warm and you are cruising the Cintonville Farmer's Market.

Last year we made many non-alcoholic sodas made from wine grape juices. Such as:

Black Raspberry Merlot
Green Apple Riesling
Raspberry Dragonfruit Shiraz
Black Cherry Pinot Noir
Strawberry White Merlot
Peach Apricot Chardonnay

We sell kits that could be made into wine if you added yeast, but we skip the addition of yeast and instead force carbonate it with CO2 into a delicious fizzy drink.

We will be offering this again when the Clintonville Farmer's Market starts back up. And who knows, beside Alana's carrying our sodas all the time, we nay start selling them year round.