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In 1974 when this business opened up, homebrewers and winemakers were far and few between, primarily because there wasn't high quality small batch supplies. But over the last 40 years, things have changed drastically. 40 years ago there was one hop variety, Cascade. Now, we carry about 50 varieties! 40 years ago there were maybe 12 varieties of wine concentrates, now we have over 40! 40 years ago there were only 116 breweries across the states, now there are 3,000+. As Dylan says, "Oh the times they are a-changin'."

The Winemaker's Shop supplies only the finest quality malts, hops, yeasts and wine-grape concentrates to fulfill your home wine and beer-making needs. We buy direct from quality suppliers like Wyeast, L.D. Carlson and Freshops, guaranteeing you the freshest ingredients. We also supply fermenting equipment, starter beer and wine kits, malt extracts and grains, racking and bottling equipment, cleaners, sanitizers and chemicals, books fruit purees, flavorings and soda extracts.

Our Wine Making Kits or Beer Making Kits start at $92.50. Click the link to view the different levels and contents of the kits.


We carry Winexpert concentrate kits, carboys, bottles, filters, oak chips, hydrometers, chemicals, and more. We will have just about all you will need for your home winemaking needs!


We carry 30+ styles of Brewer's Best ingredient kits, 50+ base/ specialty grains, 45+ varieties of hops, and 30+ varieties of WYeasts. We've got your grolsch style bottles and clarifiers too!


When the season arrives, making a specialty drink is very exciting! We have recipes for Ciders, Meads, and Dandelion wines. You really can make anything into wine!


What is a better match for making your own wines than making your own cheese too? We carry both Hard and Soft cheesemaking kits that are very fun and easy!


Behind the scenes-51.JPG

What is better than beer? Homebrew!

Don't be fooled by the name- it's not just winemaking here. We carry a complete line of beermaking and homebrewing equipment, but our real strength is in our supplies.

We stock more than 45 base and specialty grains, from the basics like American 2-row and German Pilsner malt to the most exotic: Dingeman's Special B, flaked maize, and a full range of roasted and toasted malts, just to name a few. We of course also carry a full range of malt extracts, both dried and syrup, from a variety of suppliers. These include both pre-compiled kits and base ingredients, hopped and unhopped.

We also stock fresh whole leaf hops as well as plugs and pellets. If your recipe calls for it, you can bet we have it; and if we don't we can probably order it. See our hop varieties page for a general list.


Check out our Beer Kits Here

It is impossible to overstate the importance of yeast in achieving the flavor you want from your beer. We carry Wyeast brand liquid yeasts, over 40 different varieties! Whether you're brewing a pale ale in the classic British style, a light lager, an Abbey-style Tripel or a stout, we've got an appropriate yeast for your beer.

In addition to the basics, we carry a wide variety of specialty adjuncts like dried orange peel, Belgian candi sugar, heather tips, paradise seed, treacle, rice syrup solids, malto-dextrine, and many more.


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Also, perhaps it would be helpful to use our IBU calculator, our Hydrometer: how to use, or our DME/LME ABV Calculator



Όπου δεν υπάρχει κρασί δεν υπάρχει αγάπη.
- Where there is no wine, there is no love.

– Euripides ~400BC

Что у трезвого на уме, то у пьяного на языке.
- What a sober man has in his mind, the drunk one has on his tongue

In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas.
- In wine there is truth, in water there is health.

Home winemaking is an enjoyable and satisfying hobby for anyone with patience and the willingness to learn.  We have a range of options for the novice or seasoned winemaker, with recipes tailored to the beginner or the expert, using fruit from peaches, pears or bananas to the more traditional grape varieties that are the basis of your favorite wines from California, France, Spain and beyond.

Like any engaging activity, the basic steps are easy to learn and practice, but one person could never fully master the art of winemaking in an entire lifetime. The greatest strengths of any winemaker are patience, persistence, and creativity!



At the Winemaker's Shop we offer a variety of wine grape concentrates and fruit juice concentrates that you can use as the base of your recipe. If you can imagine it we probably stock it, from elderberry and apple to shiraz, merlot, chardonnay, gewurtztraminer and more. We are glad to supply Winexpert concentrate products. For a complete list of our available wines, click here. And if you find a wine available by them that we do not have at the moment, fill out our order form and we can tack it on our next order and have it in shortly! But call first to check!

We of course also carry an variety of yeasts that and we can help you match to your recipe or wine style, including utility yeasts for stuck fermentations or general yeast activity. We also stock a full range of additives like citric acid, acid blend, yeast nutrient, sulfites, tannins, pectic enzyme, clarifiers, as well as a solid selection of books and manuals you can browse or buy to help you through your winemaking. 


We've got normal hydrometers as well as proof hydrometers. For a how to on hydrometers click here.

As for bottling and corking, we've got you covered there too, with a selection of premium, synthetic and rubber corks; hand or stand corkers; new, used, standard, decorative, large and small bottles; and of course labels, label-making paper, shrink-wrap tops and sealer's wax to dress up your bottles after the important stuff is already inside.

So whether you've already got a few dozen personal vintages under your belt or you've only ever had Boone's Farm out of the bottle, we invite you to come in and check out our winemaking selections. As always, we'll be happy to talk it over with you and offer any advice you might need!

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Meet the Family:

The Shop

Since 1974, the Winemaker's Shop has been owned and operated by a team of studied and knowledgeable beer and wine lovers, Scott Francis and Nina Hawranick and now their sons, Alex and Ivan Francis. More to come...

Scott Francis

Scott Francis


About Scott:

Scott honed his skills making batches of beer and wine. He gave workshops to the amateur Wine Guild of Columbus and taught at the Creative Arts Program through the Ohio State University. He has a brewers degree from the Seibels Institute of Brewing in Chicago, Ill., which he attended in 1988. Scott also did an apprenticeship at the Chicago Goose Island Brewery. Shortly afterwards Scott (Left) was hired to set up the Columbus Brewing Co which is Columbus' first mircrobrewery (1988), he traveled to England to purchase the brewing equipment and oversaw its installation on site. Scott was CBC's brewmaster for 2 years before leaving to set up Barley's Alehouse #1 in downtown Columbus where he was the head brewer for 18 years. Throughout the next 3 years (early 90's), Scott busily set up five more Central Ohio breweries including: Barley's second microbrewery (at the time Barley's Smokehouse, now Smokehouse Brewing Co),  New Albany Country Club, Medallion Country Club, Atwood Lodge (New Philadelphia) and Hide Away Hills (in Hocking County). Now, in 2014, he set up and is brewing at Temperance Row Brewing Co (Westerville) with his son Alex Francis. Scott's Alexander's Russian Imperial Stout was a three-time award-winner at the Real Ale Festival in 1997 and 2000 and was named after his firstborn.

In fact, you could just hear it from the horse's mouth. This past December, Scott spoke at a Columbus Metropolitan Club meeting regarding the topic: Brewing Business Hopping! You can hear about the general timeline of microbrewing in Columbus here in response to the request, "[Scott] maybe you could bring us up to speed as to how we got to where we are in 2014." Skip to 5:00 for response.

Favorite Beer to drink:

First? Sam Smith's Pale Ale. Second? Barley's Scottish Ale.

Favorite Beer to Make:

The Christmas Ale. You get to peel oranges and grate ginger. It shakes up the typical brew day.

What beers influenced your style of brewing the most?

"I'd have to say that Fuller's ESB and Sam Smith's Pale Ale. When i first drank Fuller's ESB i thought, "Dang!" You know me, i love British styles."

"I was kind of semi-retired for a while, but now I'm back."
-Scott Francis


About Nina:

Impact on the city:


Alex Francis mashing in at Temperance Row Brewing Co. (Nov. 2014) Photo Cred: Gary Gardiner

Alex Francis mashing in at Temperance Row Brewing Co. (Nov. 2014)
Photo Cred: Gary Gardiner


About Alex:

Alex has been brewing for many years, of which he has spent many brewing at Barley's and now Temperance Row Brewing Company. Alex married his wonderful wife in September of 2009 and they now have two wonderful children (you might see them running around the shop if you come in at the right time!). Alex is currently attending The Ohio State University as a proud buckeye.

Favorite Beer to Make:

Favorite Wine to Make:

Favorite Quote:




About ivan:

Ivan received his bachelors degree from The Ohio State University in Human Nutrition and Community Development. He also received a minor in Russian language. Ivan has been brewing beer and making wine for the past 4 years. From spending sick days at The Winemaker's Shop in elementary school to helping Scott Francis brew a few different breweries, he's absorbed much knowledge despite his age. Ivan got married to his beautiful wife May of 2013 and has many hobbies. Ivan manages the behind the scenes work here at the shop from this website, to the photography, advertising, graphics, to just about anything you can think of.

Favorite Beer to make:

The Vanilla Porter is one of my favorites. The smooth vanilla sweetness on a malty backbone with notes of fruity esters. So good. (Not so ironic because my middle name is Porter).

Favorite Wine to make:

My favorite wine to make is a smooth, bold Italian Red such as the Brunello or Nebiollo. Last year it was the Oregon Pinot Noir... Excellent year for it.

Favorite Quote:

"Drink deeply from good books..." - John Wooden, John Wooden One-On-One, UCLA Coach in the 60's and 70's.

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“Helped us out as complete beginners in getting supplies needed to make mead. Very cool shop!”
“My husband and I are making our first batch of wine. We were preparing for step 3 and didn't have a wine thief, nor did we know how to proceed. The Winemaker explained the steps, had all the supplies we needed, gave us ideas for bottling and labeling. Didn't make us feel "stupid" and...told us to have fun!!
“Just very nice people willing to talk. Answered all of my questions. Looking forward to my first brew”
“Alex was very helpful. It's our start into winemaking. We received kit for Christmas. Alex showed us what we needed and gave suggestions. We will go back
“Extremely helpful took the time to answer all of my curious questions about homebrewing beer . We will do more business in the future. Thank you for your help and advice”
“I will most definitely be a return customer. Extremely knowledgeable and encouraging, I will highly recommend this store!”
"very helpful on developing the recipe on the beer I selected to make."
"Thanks for having the supplies I needed (wanted) on short notice! Glad to support a local business."
“Ivan was extremely helpful and very positive! He did not try to sell us anything we didn't need! Our small amount of wine had stopped fermenting and Ivan knew exactly what to tell us! It is all fixed up!”
“I like coming back because it's like talking to an old friend. Wonderful friendly experience and the knowledge is vast and wide.”
I'm very happy to support a local business that has been around for 4 decades. The lady who helped us explained everything that we would need and was not pushy at all. I trust what they say and will definitely go back again.”
“I had a very friendly, helpful experience. The person took the time to answer any questions I had. Done the way business, and life, should be. Thanks”
“The employee who helped me when above and beyond with items I needed. Great customer Service.”
"Very helpful and knowledgeable staff that always go above and beyond to answer any brewing questions."
“It doesn't matter who is working, everybody is extremely nice and helpful. I don't think I've ever been anywhere that had such amazing customer service.”
“I came in for a siphon today and started bottling as soon as I got home. You gave a great demonstration of the products I purchased and they ended up cutting the bottling time in half. Thank you for your service. The Winemaker's Shop is truly a gem of Clintonville.
“Friendly & helpful. Focused on experience and not ticket price.
“I come here at least every other month or so. I love this place. Great service with an extra touch.”
“Staff is super friendly, knowledgeable, and interested in taking the time to make sure that this novice Brewer understands all elements of the craft. Thanks!”
- 9/27/14
“The mid-20's male employee working at the time was extremely helpful and passionate about home brewing which is exactly what you hope for when going to a specialized store. He was very nice and helped answer my questions since I am a novice when it comes to brewing. All around it was a great experience and the selection is very impressive.”
- 9/21/14
“Customer Service was amazing!!! Answered all my numerous questions and explained it very well, especially considering how little I knew about brewing.”
- 8/24/14

Hmm, heres a look at the last 2 years of customer feedback...

No editing; just copied and pasted from our POS.

We love to be as helpful as possible, answering all the questions we can to ensure you make a great product!


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Located in Clintonville, The Winemaker's Shop is a local homebrewing and winemaking supply store helping brewers perfect their craft.


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