We are glad to finally open Clintonville's newest winery!

Come celebrate with us Saturday, December 3rd from 4pm-9pm. We will have wine for sale by the tasting, glass, and bottle. We will also have finger foods to tie you over.

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In 1974 when this business opened up, homebrewers and winemakers were far and few between, primarily because there wasn't high quality small batch supplies. But over the last 40 years, things have changed drastically. 40 years ago there was one hop variety, Cascade. Now, we carry about 50 varieties! 40 years ago there were maybe 12 varieties of wine concentrates, now we have over 40! 40 years ago there were only 116 breweries across the states, now there are 3,000+. As Dylan says, "Oh the times they are a-changin'."

The Winemaker's Shop supplies only the finest quality malts, hops, yeasts and wine-grape concentrates to fulfill your home wine and beer-making needs. We buy direct from quality suppliers like Wyeast, L.D. Carlson and Freshops, guaranteeing you the freshest ingredients. We also supply fermenting equipment, starter beer and wine kits, malt extracts and grains, racking and bottling equipment, cleaners, sanitizers and chemicals, books fruit purees, flavorings and soda extracts.

Our Wine Making Kits or Beer Making Kits start at $92.50. Click the link to view the different levels and contents of the kits.


We carry Winexpert concentrate kits, carboys, bottles, filters, oak chips, hydrometers, chemicals, and more. We will have just about all you will need for your home winemaking needs!


We carry 30+ styles of Brewer's Best ingredient kits, 50+ base/ specialty grains, 45+ varieties of hops, and 30+ varieties of WYeasts. We've got your grolsch style bottles and clarifiers too!


When the season arrives, making a specialty drink is very exciting! We have recipes for Ciders, Meads, and Dandelion wines. You really can make anything into wine!


What is a better match for making your own wines than making your own cheese too? We carry both Hard and Soft cheesemaking kits that are very fun and easy!