Wouldn't it be great if your guests could enjoy wine made by the couple they came to celebrate!?

Let us help you celebrate your big day by giving you an experience that will make your wedding that much more special. Just come in and make your wine and then come back in 6-8 weeks to bottle! We know your schedule will be hectic, so let us take care of all the boring stuff in between.





~60-70 guests

1 Batch of Wine
(30 750ml Bottles)

~120-140 guests

2 Batches of Wine
(60 750ml Bottles)

    ~180-210 guests

    3 Batches of Wine
    (90 750ml Bottles)

      ~240-280 guests

      4 Batches of Wine
      (120 750ml Bottles)


        • WINE

        • Bottles

        • Corks

        • Sleeves

        • Personalized Labels

        • 2 Flights of 3 wines to help you decide on Day One




        • Cheese Plate on Day One

        • 2 Glasses of Wine to Share on Bottling Day

        • Professional Mini Photo Shoot for Label Picture
          by Abigail Reeder Photography


        step 1 - Making the wine

        On Day One, you will choose* the varietal of wine you would like to make. You will get 2 flights of 3 wines to help you decide which wine(s) you would like to make. Included in the Deluxe Package is a cheese plate to nibble on for Day One.

        When paying for your kit, we'll have you sign a little paperwork* and discuss what you want to have on your personalized labels and schedule a photo shoot date.

        Afterwards, we'll take your party into our winery where we will assist you in making your batch(es) of wine! We will try to have all the equipment set up for you ahead of time to skip the boring sanitation part. Then we will help you along the process until your wine is all made and we are ready to put it into storage with all your information attached to it!

        And yes, if you'd like to purchase some, you can drink wine while you make wine.

        Leave about an hour for Day One's activities + 30 min for each additional batch.


        Step 2 - Professional mini photo shoot
        for label picture (Deluxe package)

        What is better than presenting the wine you made to your guests with a stunning picture of you right on the front?

        On Day One, we will get you in contact to book a 15 minute mini photo shoot within the next couple weeks. You will get to choose the location (within greater Columbus) where you will meet up and be photographed. Abbi will edit your pictures and return to you 10 pictures that you will then choose one of to put on your label.

        A little about Abbi:

        Hello there! I am Abbi, a photographer, a local and in love with Columbus, Ohio. My love of details and photography comes from growing up in SE Asia. This given me a profound love and admiration for all cultures and people. Photography is how I document that. 
        I began my wedding photography business 2 years ago and have photographed 70 and counting weddings since then. I would love to meet up with you for a coffee, a chai, a tea and hear about your special day and the beautiful little details that make it specific to you.

        We absolutely recommend viewing some of her work in her portfolio!

        She has also done some wonderful work for us which you can see here.


        step 3 - we take care of it until bottling

        While you are at home eagerly awaiting bottling day, we will make sure that it is all taken care of until then.

        While your precious wine is under our care, we will rack it off the sediment, degas it to speed up the aging process, clarify it to drop out more particulates, and finally we will filter it for a beautiful sparkle.

        This will take approximately 6-8 weeks (depending on the kit and store scheduling) before you come back to bottle. We will set up the bottling day on Day One so that you know when to expect to come in.


        step 4 - bottling the wine

        Bottling Day has arrived! Your party will come in and we will have everything sanitized and ready for you. We will help you bottle and label your bottles with your personalized labels (yes, by law every bottle needs to be labeled before it leaves our premises).

        Included in the #.2 package is 2 glasses of wine on bottling day!

        We will finish by helping you put the shrink sleeves on your bottles to complete your look!

        Leave about an hour and a half for Bottling day + 30 min for each additional batch.

        And yes, feel free to bring a little "picnic basket" to nibble on during Bottling Day!



        Interested? Feel free to fill out this form or call us at 614-263-1744 to set up an appointment!

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        FINE PRINT

        • Everyone in your party must be 21 or older.
        • Our "party" size is four (4) people per batch, so plan accordingly.
        • We have 45 different varieties available to make on premise. There are more varieties available to make at home (legal reasons). Call for more specifics.
        • The paperwork just acknowledges that the wine you are making is for personal use only (not for resale purposes).
        • Wines left longer than the 3 months will be subject to a $10/month storage fee.
        • For legal reasons, not "everything" can be put on the personalized label. Typically a salutation like, "Happy Anniversary," "Happy 50th Birthday," or "John and Sarah's Wedding" would be recommended for the front. We can also have a picture as the background. We will send you a proof before we send for prints.