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What is better than beer? Homebrew!

Don't be fooled by the name- it's not just winemaking here. We carry a complete line of beermaking and homebrewing equipment, but our real strength is in our supplies.

We stock more than 45 base and specialty grains, from the basics like American 2-row and German Pilsner malt to the most exotic: Dingeman's Special B, flaked maize, and a full range of roasted and toasted malts, just to name a few. We of course also carry a full range of malt extracts, both dried and syrup, from a variety of suppliers. These include both pre-compiled kits and base ingredients, hopped and unhopped.

We also stock fresh whole leaf hops as well as plugs and pellets. If your recipe calls for it, you can bet we have it; and if we don't we can probably order it. See our hop varieties page for a general list.


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It is impossible to overstate the importance of yeast in achieving the flavor you want from your beer. We carry Wyeast brand liquid yeasts, over 40 different varieties! Whether you're brewing a pale ale in the classic British style, a light lager, an Abbey-style Tripel or a stout, we've got an appropriate yeast for your beer.

In addition to the basics, we carry a wide variety of specialty adjuncts like dried orange peel, Belgian candi sugar, heather tips, paradise seed, rice syrup solids, malto-dextrine, and many more.


Also, perhaps it would be helpful to use our IBU calculator, our Hydrometer: how to use, or our DME/LME ABV Calculator